Chad Banning

I have been in the visual arts business for over 20 years, specializing as a graphics artist for print. Photography was a part of my college training in the late 80s however, being ever-attracted to technology, computerized graphic arts intrigued me and analog photography failed to retain my attention at that time. Once refined digital photography came into existence, I became excited about the possibilities of digital photography and it regained my undivided attention. Although I focus on weddings and portraits in the Phoenix, AZ area, I am open to all aspects of personal and commercial photography.


I have been married to a great girl for 18 years and have been engrossed in the beauty industry with her career in cosmetics. Together, we have been raising three rockin’ teenage boys at ages 21, 17 & 15.


Current Services Include:

•  Wedding and Engagement

•  High School Senior Pictures

•  Family Photos and Portraits

•  Maternity Photos and Portraits

•  Personal Prom Photos

•  Corporate Personnel Headshots
•  Product Photos